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Post summaries of last year

Post summaries of last year # Title Category Category 2 1 2018-04-18-etl-with-dotnet-core-part-1 NET   2 ...

Global AI Nights - Shanghai

Global AI Nights - Shanghai Tonight we gathered for Global AI Nights at Shanghai, China.


DevOps和分工 How devops optimize works.


DevOps改变了什么 Why we need devops.


ML.NET回归模型案例学习 Regression with ML.NET framework.


ML.NET分类模型案例2 Part 2 is to be filled.


ML.NET分类模型案例 To be filled.


ML.NET入门 Machine leanring from .NET Core is ML.NET, let’s get started.


聊天机器人整合网页聊天前端实现客服入口 Web chat is a front show type of chatbot. Let’s get started with how to integrate web chat to our own websites.

Meet MVP: Hour of Code in Sanda University

Meet MVP: Hour of Code in Sanda University Today, Edi Want, Hao Hu and I are hold an Hour of Code event in Shanda University. Ref: